Monday, 28 September 2009

no one remembers your name.

Generally I love Autumn. Although I'm feeling a little flat lately. Perhaps it's the post-Bestival comedown. Or maybe it's being abandonned this week in favour of my better half's political ambitions.

But hey! Mother always tells me not to be so negative, especially when meeting folk for the first time!

I'm Emma.

I'm not half as strange as my brain often tells me I am.

I spend a lot of time lending a sympathetic ear to others' problems (both in and out of work!), and I try to keep myself sane with various arty-farty bits 'n' bobs.
I LOVE collage.

I studied painting at university so I'm trying to train myself to get back into that too.
I have a shop over on Folksy, have a click, you know you wanna ;-)

From time to time I'll share with you lovely stuff like this...

I'm always keen to receive feedback, be it compliments, or constructive criticism.
I get upset when colours don't match. I feel better when everything is in it's place. Neatly arranged. Stuck down.
Forgive me if sometimes I confuse my cats with real people.

Stay strange xxx