Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Everybody digs a swinging* cat!

Counting down the days til my lovely friend Flora's 30th, which we will be celebrating with a woodland animal-themed fancy dress picnic in Epping Forest. That is so Flo.

Above you can see me modelling an integral part of my costume, my home-made Capser Disaster mask. And very proud of it I am too. Note the bozz-eyes. I used to have to wear a patch when I was little!

Although my beloved cat isn't strictly a woodland creature, he was found abandonned in woods as a tiny kitten by my little bro, and that is how our love story began. I nursed him back to health, and these days it seems he is more the owner, and I am the pet. Or slave.

So very fitting I feel. Plus I have tonnes of black and white clothes to match. And sadly I have neither the time or funds to craft a fantastic Mr. Fox outfit!

(*the only swinging I do is at Vintage Rockbar once monthly. And doesn't involve car keys. Just thought I'd better clear that one up!)

Sunday, 22 August 2010

No Spain, no gain.

A week back in the UK, my meagre tan is already beginning to fade, and I can just about review my holiday snaps without wincing at the thought of my holiday being over...

Buenas noches to terrifying kids entertainers with rats tails, the crazy aqua aerobics lady, random french words written in the sand, tiny lizards, mad sweets, surfer bars that serve vodka measures like I've never seen, amusing no/si signs, and sea that's even better than a swimming pool.

Collected some exciting stuff to collage with!

(I could have bored you with hundreds more, trust me!)