Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Everybody digs a swinging* cat!

Counting down the days til my lovely friend Flora's 30th, which we will be celebrating with a woodland animal-themed fancy dress picnic in Epping Forest. That is so Flo.

Above you can see me modelling an integral part of my costume, my home-made Capser Disaster mask. And very proud of it I am too. Note the bozz-eyes. I used to have to wear a patch when I was little!

Although my beloved cat isn't strictly a woodland creature, he was found abandonned in woods as a tiny kitten by my little bro, and that is how our love story began. I nursed him back to health, and these days it seems he is more the owner, and I am the pet. Or slave.

So very fitting I feel. Plus I have tonnes of black and white clothes to match. And sadly I have neither the time or funds to craft a fantastic Mr. Fox outfit!

(*the only swinging I do is at Vintage Rockbar once monthly. And doesn't involve car keys. Just thought I'd better clear that one up!)

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