Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sweet Sacrifice

I have given up sweets for Lent. This may seem rather juvenile, indeed almost an insult to the sacrifice our Good Lord made for us, but it is practically killing me!

I am a woman of very few vices. I haven't drunk for over 3 years, I hate gambling (I even had to think about how to spell that!), I usually choose the low fat options. I am neither as 'Rock', nor as 'Roll' as I like to pretend I am. So it appears that taking away my sweeties is denying me the tiny pieces of sugary decadence I have left! A Strangelord without sweets is a picture of misery.

I'm not like a normal girl (in quite a few ways actually!) -I can take or leave chocolate. Confectionery heaven for me is a nostalgic boiled sweet -cola cubes, sour apples, rhubarb n custard..., or jellies (although controversially I'm really not that bothered about Haribo). Give me midget gems or sports mix back before they changed the black ones from liquorice flavour to blackcurrant, and I'm yours! Or pretty much anything from Swizzels Matlow. Parma Violets are a bit weird though, aren't they?!

So to get me through the next week of my Lenten abstention, I've made do with perusing Folksy for these candy-coated concoctions (of a craftier variety).

Clockwise from top left...


  1. Noooooooooooooo! Parma Violets are my favs. Hooray I love that giving up sweets made you blog!

    Kisses & WELL DONE! noodleBubble X

    1. Only a day and a half to go now (and counting!!!)