Saturday, 13 February 2010

Two hearts...

..beating as one!

Or, as part of the Folksy Valentine's Heart swap.

I sent mine to MiMi B last weekend, and I'm pleased to say I think it arrived in one piece!

I agonised over making this box collage. I find it very difficult to work to a brief, however loose it may be. I also struggle to make something 'nice' without a sinister edge. I think I got the balance about right...

The heart design is taken from my tattoo (custom designed by myself, of course), which makes it quite personal. I got the tattoo not long before the end of a relationship which makes it, er, not very romantic after all...

The wonderful Magic Alice AKA Jen Field gave me her heart, a fab acrylic brooch to be exact, and a cute button badge as a bonus, as modelled by yours myspace faces at the ready...! And plenty of flash to disguise my terrible skin (it's only cos it's so dark in my house, honest. Roll on Spring and lots of natural light!)

As for my true love, I'm sure he'll be thrilled with this sweet card from Eyeshoot Photography (Sarah is so clever!). We have a thing for Scrabble. And they say romance is dead!

Do people still send Valentine's cards anonymously?

Love from Guess Who?



  1. Brilliant heart swaps. I love your box!

    Hope you are well xxx

  2. Thanx othermousie! Did you participate?