Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Hole Lotta Love

I am VERY Excited.

Stacey 'The Crow' Crowcroft and I are going to see Hole in May. And although it's not strictly Hole, being that Courtney Love is the only remaining member, words cannot express the admiration I feel for the artisitic anarchy that is this woman.

I am intrigued by her aesthetic. Her early 90s 'Kinder whore' styled fused innocence with the perverse in the exact same way I try to in my art.

My collage '...and all the stars were just like little fish'  http://www.folksy.com/items/299545--and-all-the-stars-were-just-like-little-fish-?shop=yes is named after the second line from 'Violet' -probably her most famous song.

I guess I always wanted to be 'the girl with the most cake'.

And although remarkably (and relievedly) it's been years since I passed out drunk or caused a scene in a nightclub, I'm still a grunge girl at heart.

As a teenager strong female role models like Courtney taught me to belive in myself, to have ambition, and to take risks. Distracted me from all the things in my life I hated. Gave a voice to the way I was feeling.

When Hole toured 1998 album 'Celebrity Skin' I had to miss out because of my a-levels. Kat and I read reviews in the music press and cried because we couldn't be there.

I dressed in vintage nightwear. I realised it was okay that my hair was never going to be straight.

This come back, and the forthcoming album 'Nobody's Daughter' could be disasterous. It could be what I've been dreaming of, waiting for. Michael Jackson style, it might even never happen. Either way, it's going to be memorable <3

(Courtney pics courtesy of http://www.courtney-love.org/)


  1. Great post Emma, brings back memories of being in 6th year and thinking i was sooo cool with my oversized school cardigan with holes around the cuffs...i was 17 when Kurt Cobain died... fun & messy memories, mostly blurred from alcohol :/

  2. more power to the angst ridden teens we still are inside Kellie!