Thursday, 22 April 2010

Button it!

I'm growing fond of swaps. Especially ones that don't involve me having to stress over making something good enough to send to, and be appreciated by a stranger.

So when I saw that swap queen noodlebubble was organising a button swap I HAD to get involved. Buttons are just the kind of trinketty thing that I just can't resist collaging all over everything.

The idea was that you sorted out 40 buttons for swapping (nice ones, not any old tat), to send twenty each to two fellow swappees.

Sticking to that amount was hard! I have so many. Here's a few that I sent...

Lovingly packaged to wing their way to susiej and sugarmice.

It took me ages to tie the ribbons. To say I have tiny fingers, they're not vey nimble. Pictured with the parcels are some of the unlucky buttons that didn't quite make it into the swap!

And I did vey well out of it myself. Over the past week I've received special deliveries from Claire-Lou of Realicoul fame, and Robyn of Rose Lullaby Dolls, both greatly appreciated.

I've wasted no time incorporating these treasures into my latest project :-)

1 comment:

  1. Swap Queen!?! LOVE IT! Enjoyed the swop NO end -planning the next one now!!!

    Happy making ♥