Monday, 29 November 2010

I love to hate you.

We are obsessed with Love. Songs, stories, cinema, sentiments. Not to mention real life and our quests to co-habit and pro-create.

The word itself has become almost like a logo, and of late has been rather a la mode -jewellery, clothing prints and what have you.

The trend is exemplified at its kistch, cute and quirky best on Folksy, not least in these four fabulous finds...

(Clockwise from top left,,,

Amazingly 3 of these sellers have yet to make sales on Folksy, so get over there and have a look!

I like to be a bit strange as you know, quite contrary. I thought I'd go against the grain and celebrate that other extreme and passionate emotion -hatred. And as I like to juxtapose the opposite ends of the spectrum I chose to combine ridgid, stencilled, hateful lettering with all things sweet, sparkly and candy-coated -i.e. I Hate Nice Things.

This will be on sale in my Folksy shop as soon as the snow stops casting its odd, eerie glow over every photo I try to take!

Soon to come, a love of all things grim, ghoulish and gross, or Love Turns to Hate, for all you Eighties Matchbox fans out there...

Stay strange xxx


  1. hello emma :)
    thank you so much for choosing to feature my love necklace from all the love you found! i'm loving the aran jumper too - i need to get round to exploring folksy yet but will be stopping by yours and the other shops you've found

    love the blog too :) linda

  2. Thanks Linda. Your necklace is gorgeous, I simply had to use it :-)