Thursday, 23 December 2010

Hoppy Christmas!

It's started!

Actually, I've been excited since about mid august. Excited is pretty much my average state of being.

But spent this morning making (somewhat over inflated) quiches and cleaning up ready for my family boxing day extravaganza, when, I heard the clatter of the letter box...(can't be that much of a backlog, mr. Royal Mail!)

If I don't count my work secret santa, and earrings from Kat which I chose myself, it's my first official Christmas gift! And no, I don't do waiting...

The boy disaster is every bit as excitable as I am, and has to be involved whenever there's a camera about. Sadly, during the ten minutes or so he toddled round with a sequin stuck to his nose, he wasn't quite still enough to photograph (what was that about working with children or animals? Or animal children?!)

You can just make out in the bakground my latest work in progress. I intend to post about it as soon as I can get some better light for pictures -hey, the days are getting longer now!

Ugh no make-up! But check out them bunny ears, courtesy of the beautiful, bunny enthusiast Miss Flora Leung. She should sell these for sure! I'm subconsciously styling a zillion Gaga-esque outfits right this second... Merry Christmas Flo!

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