Tuesday, 11 January 2011

masterpiece in motion

(otherwise known as work in progress!)

This was an old bathroom cabinet donated to me by an ex colleague.
Starting to get strange-ified.


  1. Hi Emma!
    Really like your work - we just bumped into your collage piece 'made you look' on folksy for the first time and have had to purchase( Even though we've nowhere to really put it - its eye-popping attraction was somehow just too strong to resist!) please don't forget to sign the piece before sending it to us too :)

  2. the top piece really looks like it belongs on that table in a hallway somewhere.....

  3. @leigh -I'm hopeless and only just read your comment. 'made you look' is now looong posted to you and NOT signed. Doh!

    Hope you love it tho!

    Emma x

    @Hayley -you belong on a table in a hallway somewhere :-p