Saturday, 8 January 2011

Sweet Sentiment.

We're a lovely bunch over on Folksy. A mutual appreciation society for all things crafty. And I relish a bit of encouragement as much as the next person.

I was in touch with the smashing Sally from 'Sweetly Wrapped' recently, and was overjoyed, not only to receive lovely comments, but also this super-kind offer...

'Aww, thank you Emma :) I love your work too, it's very different. Are you in need of any bits and pieces? I have lots of little things I'd be happy to send you.'

Not gonna say no am I?!

I arrived home from work yesterday and couldn't have been more thrilled to receive this package. These weren't just any bits and pieces, this was a veritable treasure trove, which I cannot wait to incorporate into my next pieces...!

Any fab sweet wrappers I come across will be winging their way across to Sally.

Until then, you really ought to check out her little Folksy corner shop where she offers such delights as this popping candy card wallet, making spending so much sweeter!

click to visit sweetly wrapped :-)

And all for not much more than the cost of a quarter of your favourite spice.
Thank you, sincerely, for being so thoughtful Sally, and keep up the ace work!

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